ОДНИМ прекрасным вечером близкий и родной П. задумал удивить и сотворил Чудо, а вокруг пели свою песню Светлячки, а вокруг была Любовь..............

wave of living sparks
the brilliant kind
light a way
tangling the little love-lights
twilight is coming
and for this occasion
rival the very stars.
tiny miracles
luminescence without incandescence.
stars in their courses
think only of illumination
firefly light
the visible part
the spectrum
luminous firefly.
cooler than the air
of the summer night
fingers capture their yellow beams
between flashes of the air
flash little beacons
And reveal all (
FROM http://karenswhimsy.com/altered-books/cup/firefly-poem.htm)

Gift for the girlfriend...

materials: an art paper, felt, tapes, buttons, a water colour.

The card is made by the hands!

It’s autumn.

All the leaves are falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
Falling , falling to the ground
It is autumn!

As they fall they twirl around,
Twirl around, twirl around.
Twirling, swirling to the ground.
It is autumn.

Lots of colours touch the ground,
Touch the ground, touch the ground.
Red and yellow, green and brown.
It is autumn!

decoupage technique

materials: bank, acrylic, ribbon, twigs, beads, secret, autumn mood

thing in the interior ................



talisman for YA ......;)

talisman amulet joss phylactery medicine mascot

materials: cardboard, acrylic, beads, crystals, satin ribbon, a secret............

Russian South

stones - the beach - the sun - the joy

Music Album:Cat Power

the mood of the album: the magic


The dacha-house again!))